About Us

Bringing together young adults with different challenges for peer support and friendships, under a Jewish ethos.
Your Yeddidm is currently a concept/new charity in the formation.
Whilst there are many amazing charities within the UK Jewish community serving people with different physical or mental challenges, there is no one charity dedicated to bringing all young adults, to provide social interactions that they may have been denied due to complications of illness or life challenges.

Peer Support

Events will be created to encourage and enhance peer support
Different events will be pitched at the 18-30 level or the 30 plus level

Young and Not So Young Adults


Wherever possible independence will be encouraged

What We Will Do

We serve Jewish adults with mental, physical or social challenges

Social Gatherings

Club nights
Friday night dinners
Fun speed dating

Rites of Passage

We will fund nurses, equipment, education and whatever may be needed to enable
*Group trips to Europe
*Groups to Israel

Join Our Team

If you would like to be on one of our boards to have more say in the charity’s direction, please get in touch
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